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Be Real. Define Happy. Keep Your Rockstars.

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Kelly is in the people business. Be Real. Define Happy. Keep Your Rockstars.

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I am extremely lucky to do work I love and was put on this planet to do. I celebrate with gratitude my work as leadership coach, coaching supervisor, facilitator, and learning and talent strategist.

Looking back, I was always a coach, before I knew what coaching was. I walk alongside the humans I engage with, my clients (and my friends, my direct reports, my colleagues, my family) to be a thought partnerListening is a skill and gift I offer to the world. I ask powerful questions and listen to the answer. Being fully present is at the core of my coaching and supervision and is in itself a tremendous gift to my clients. Thought partnership is about joining with my clients to help them to find the answers they seek, believing they are capable and whole.


Leadership coaching is a partnership where we work towards your goal. My job is to ask good questions and listen for patterns.  Your job is to bring the topic or agenda and to do the experiments we create between our conversations.


As your facilitator I invite all the voices into the conversation and walk alongside as you build a skill or jointly create your vision/plan.

Coaching Coaches/Supervision

Coaching can be lonely.  Join me for support as you reflect on your coaching.

Learning and Talent Strategy

I help organizations identify skills to be built and behaviors to be changed. We co-create solutions that can be embedded into your other processes and tools to help ensure the changes stick.

Fearless Feedback

A Guide for Coaching Leaders to See Themselves More Clearly and Galvanize Growth

152: Providing Fearless Feedback: Kelly Ross, PCC

Kelly Ross is a coach, learning and talent strategist, and facilitator with global experience. Her work centers around leadership development and talent management. Kelly received her coach certification from Hudson Institute, and she’s here to share how her work led her to partner with other coaches to create the book, Fearless Feedback

Episode 26 – Kelly Ross – Fearless Feedback

“Can I give you some feedback?” That phrase can create anxiety for the person asking the question and the person who is on the receiving end. Executive coach, consultant and facilitator, Kelly Ross, joins us to talk about a new book that she co-authored with 6 of her closest friends – Fearless Feedback: A Guide For Coaching Leaders To See Themselves More Clearly And Galvanize Growth.

Fearless Feedback




Kelly Ross, Ross Associates, NU MS ’11, provides tips on how to give and provide honest feedback.

Be Real. Define Happy. Keep Your Rockstars

Read more about Kelly’s work and how she brings to life being real, defining happy, and keeping your rockstars.


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Kelly is a leadership coach, learning and talent strategist and facilitator with global experience. 

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