At times life can get away from me, I can get to the end of the day and not really know where the time has gone. The best way I have found to ground myself in spending my time on the things that are important to me, is to know how I spend my time. I began tracking how I typically spend the 168 hours in the week. I tracked

I met with Sam*, one of my coaching clients, to discuss a 360 assessment she took as part of her MBA program. She is smart, ambitious, and at a point where she is reflecting on where she wants to go next in her career. As is sometimes the case with coaching clients, something other than the 360 assessment was top of mind for her during our conversation. She talked about

September 2009: I was in the midst of massive change. I had just moved to Chicago from Singapore to start graduate school at Northwestern University. I had left full-time employment with McKinsey after nearly ten years to be a full-time student and I returned to living in the U.S. after more than six years abroad. I looked and sounded like everyone around me but didn’t feel like I fit in.

Sep 2014

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