Could you use structure and support to help you carve out time to reflect, step back and consider how you coach others?


Do you have (or worry about having) a dilemma with a client that you could use support thinking through?


Most of us are always working to improve our coaching, if this is you, would it help to talk out challenges?


Supervision could be the right next exploration for you.

Supervision is reflective practice about your work as a coach.  Supervision provides a space and time to come together with a supervisor to delve into you as coach and your coaching practice.  Some who come to supervision are experienced coaches, some are newer to coaching.

I have worked with my own supervisor for seven years and find my time with my supervisor to be immensely helpful. Supervision helps me to slow down to look at my work. My supervisor is a thought partner and a truth teller and pushes me to be my best as a leader, coach and human.

Think of me as a partner who will support your looking back and looking forward in the spirit of developing yourself as coach and human. We will pause and look at your work from multiple perspectives: what you do especially well or where you sometimes stumble. We will consider how you get out of your own way in order to best serve your clients. How you offer your coaching and who your ideal client is might also be part of your reflective practice.

I studied the art of helping others reflect with the Coaching Supervision Academy, and am an Accredited Coaching Supervisor. I am a Certified Hudson Institute Coach and Master Coach. I have nearly two decades of coaching experience, over a decade of that running a leadership business. I love to partner with coaches interested in reflecting on their work.

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