My clients – individuals, teams and organizations – are all making a change of some sort. A leadership coaching client has a new, bigger role and needs to delegate to and trust his team more. A leadership team wants to work more effectively together so they can respond to industry-wide regulation changes impacting their day-to-day work. An organization wants colleagues to give one another more direct and timely feedback, which

In my experience, many teams and organizational leaders are not thinking enough about how to cultivate their talent or are depending too much on formal training programs. My work as a learning strategist helps teams and organizations identify the skill that needs to be built or behavior that needs to change that will lead to greater success. Change is hard and not everyone learns in the same way. As I

While explaining what I do recently, I realized most of my work in leadership development and talent management boils down to helping clients (individuals and organizations) be real, define their happy and keep their rockstars.   What do I mean by that? Be real.   Much of my coaching work is with leaders and others who are making some sort of change.  It might be a leader in a new