-2I believe that leaders who are authentic and true to themselves attract, support and retain talented colleagues, which makes the organizations they lead and work in stronger. Strong organizations achieve better mission-specific results. Leadership can be lonely. You support all of your employees, but who is supporting you?
Leaders who go it alone often become isolated not only from others but from their own core values. They get stuck playing a role rather than leading authentically. Over time, their organizations suffer from a loss of talent and diminished results.
My name is Kelly Ross and I work with leaders who are motivated to effect positive change in themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

I am a coach, working with individuals to rediscover what inspires them to lead and return to thriving, not just surviving. I work with leaders who want to build skills that can help them attract and retain the best talent in their organizations. I am a facilitator of workshops, trainings and strategic planning sessions who seeks to hear all the voices in the room and believes in tapping into the curiosity and authenticity of participants.
I am a learning and talent strategist helping organizations and teams to articulate the skills and behaviors needed to be successful, and then to determine the best way to build those skills and manage them through a change.
I am an Adjunct Faculty member at Northwestern University where I coach graduate students and teach coaching in the MS Learning and Organizational Change program.

I am really proud to share this collaborative writing project.  This book is for leadership coaches to leverage stakeholder feedback interviews in coaching engagements: both the how (see the 7-step framework) and thoughts on navigating emotions.  Leaders or those working with leaders will find this book helpful in supporting you giving and receiving feedback.  More at: fearlessfeedbackguide.com.

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