I’m often asked to help teams work better. I’ve discovered that team building means many things, so I start by asking the potential client some questions: How will we know the team building session has been a success? Why are you looking to have a team building session now? Clients often start the conversation by asking if I can run a session with a specific tool or assessment, such as

Bob* is a construction supervisor. His organization selected him to be part of a leadership development program that includes leadership coaching. Bob selected me to be his coach after our fit conversation, an initial conversation to get to know one another a bit and talk about what coaching is and is not and how we would potentially work together. I asked Bob what was important to him in a coach,

While explaining what I do recently, I realized most of my work in leadership development and talent management boils down to helping clients (individuals and organizations) be real, define their happy and keep their rockstars.   What do I mean by that? Be real.   Much of my coaching work is with leaders and others who are making some sort of change.  It might be a leader in a new