I am extremely lucky to do work I love and was put on this planet to do. I celebrate my gratitude for loving my work as leadership coach, coaching supervisor, facilitator, and learning and talent strategist. 

Looking back, I was always a coach, before I knew what coaching was. My philosophy: I walk alongside the humans I engage with, my clients (and my friends, my direct reports, my colleagues, my family) to be a thought partnerListening is a skill and gift I offer to the world. I ask powerful questions and listen to the answer. Being fully present is at the core of my coaching and supervision, and is in itself a tremendous gift to my clients. Thought partnership is about joining with my clients to help them to find the answers they seek, believing they are capable and whole. 

I began my career in professional services and learned so much about business, organizations, change, people, and the systems in which we work. This serves me tremendously as a business owner, coach and supervisor. Some un-learning was also needed to be successful as a coach. I know now that I do not always need to have the answer and there is power in asking the question for my client to find their own answer. I have lived and worked on three continents and in 25+ countries, (and travelled in 47 countries). My exposure to the world makes me a better human, more curious, less judgmental and kinder.

My work – and the tagline for my company – tells you how I do what I do. Be Real. Define Happy. Keep Your Rockstars.  This focus, combined with my studies and expertise in change management is the foundation for all the work that I do. I love the variety of work and am a better coach for facilitating and consulting and supervising – and vice versa. 

I am a learner. In addition to my MS in Learning and Organizational, I have two coaching certifications and a diploma in Coaching Supervision.  I have been trained in many assessment tools and have a robust toolbox from which to customize and pull the right tool(s) to serve each client. 

I am an author. I co-authored Fearless Feedback: A Guide for Coaching Leaders to See Themselves More Clearly and Galvanize Growth with six other master coaches. I have great pride in the contribution this book offers to the coaching and leadership communities. Next, I aspire to write a book solo. 

My personal vision sums up who I am and how I work. 

Be me.

Prioritize my people.

Create conditions to be the best version of me.

Speak my truth.

Laugh a lot.

Don’t take myself or the situation too seriously.

Be present.

Take care of myself, remembering I can’t care for my people or do good work if I’m not fully fueled.

Check in with me & adjust when things get out of balance.

Appreciate the little things.

Be grateful.

Kelly Ross

January 2021