I am a facilitator who seeks to hear all the voices in the room. Typically, the participants of a training, workshop or strategic planning session come to the conversation with experience and questions, and I believe in tapping into the curiosity and authenticity of participants and accomplish this through dialogue, purposeful examples, and interactive exercises.

I believe in creating customized experiences, rather than “off the shelf” solutions. Please reach out to discuss your specific need.

A few of my favorite facilitation topics to deliver are:

  • Coaching skills
  • Managing change and leading others through change
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Strategic planning
  • Communications: listening and asserting, questioning, being concise
  • Presentation skills
  • SMART goal methodology
  • Building relationships and trust
  • Giving and receiving feedback

I have had the privilege to facilitate workshops, strategic planning and training for a premiere global management consulting firm, multiple high tech organizations, a “Big Four” global accounting firm, a Midwestern health system, multiple pharmaceutical companies, multiple insurance companies, a leading executive MBA program, a local children’s hospital, a masters-level organizational change program, an advertising agency, multiple oil and gas companies, and a masters-level engineering program.

Here are a few examples:

Client: Midwestern health system
Engagement: Manager skills workshop at a Midwestern health system, building consistent leadership skills of their front-line managers in both clinical and non-clinical roles. I co-designed the interactive three-day program which includes leading with the organization’s values in mind, listening, asserting, being concise, asking questions, giving and receiving feedback, developing SMART goals, meeting facilitation, and managing time effectively.

Client: Leading executive MBA program
Engagement: Self-awareness and team effectiveness workshop at a leading executive business school MBA program. I designed and facilitate a workshop to build self-awareness and team effectiveness skills through Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The workshop happens during students’ first on-campus session and as their study groups for the next two years meet and begin working together.

Client: Premiere global management consulting firm
Engagements: I facilitate global leadership development programs and communication skills training for managers, team leaders, and researchers of a premiere global management consulting firm. Topics include interpreting and building action plans from 360 feedback, giving and receiving feedback, coaching direct reports, listening, managing conflicts, influencing, building relationships, and working effectively with diverse teams.

Kelly Ross Facilitation

Client: “Big Four” global accounting firm
Engagement: I am a coach and facilitator at a personal leadership program for US contingent of one of the “Big Four” global accounting firms. We discuss values, maximizing energy, and making intentional choices.

Client: Masters-level engineering program
Engagement: A business partner and I designed and facilitate a team dynamics program for masters-level engineering students that spans the first nine months of their graduate work. We build self-awareness through Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Conflict Dynamics Profile.  Frameworks and tools are discussed for communicating effectively, building a team charter, managing conflict, and giving feedback. We also provide periodic team coaching as teams experience team dynamics through group assignments and project work.

Other ways to work with Kelly: CoachingLearning & Talent Strategy

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Kelly gave me a new perspective on thinking about things; I really appreciated her perspective. I believe Kelly is a great sounding board that offered unbiased advice.
Senior Associate, Big Four accounting firm

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