I worked with Kelly as I was making a job transition. Kelly is a genuine and caring coach. She is easy to connect to, had great questions, and created the space and time for me to reflect on what I wanted next in my career. I always left our sessions feeling as if I had learned something about myself, my current situation, and what I wanted in the future. I would recommend her to other looking to make a similar change in their careers.

Executive making career transition

Kelly was very responsive to my needs and very empathic – she quickly understood what I was talking about- she ‘got’ where I was coming from and how I was thinking about things. She is thoughtful, insightful, respectful. She challenged me to look forward and figure out what I need to be doing in order to achieve my goals. Before that, she helped me figure out how to articulate my goals

Stay at home mom making transition back to corporate world

Working with Kelly helped me identify, focus on, and improve in key areas of my job. She provided me with an invaluable forum in which to discuss the challenges of my role within the organization. She has a knack for asking the right questions, which encourages introspection without feeling pressured. Her recommendations have proven invaluable in helping me manage my over-the-top workload.

Executive at nationally recognized not-for-profit

My coaching relationship [with Kelly] was incredibly valuable.  I left each session with a golden nugget of insight about myself and a direction for exploring more.

Manager in higher education

Kelly gave me a new perspective on thinking about things; I really appreciated her perspective. I believe Kelly is a great sounding board that offered unbiased advice.

Senior Associate, Big Four accounting firm

Kelly impacted my life, my team, my family, and probably even my future career choices. I feel so appreciated and satisfied. Thank you for understanding me, for making me feel safe, for digging deep into those dark, hurt areas, shining light and healing, and helping me accelerate this process. When I think of you, I think maybe one day I could be a coach. I love what you do, and for it I am forever grateful.

Manager at global management consulting firm

I had the privilege of sitting in on the MBTI workshop Kelly led and she was fantastic! The event evolved from a handful of people wanting to know about MBTI to a group of 80! The room was packed, and Kelly did an amazing job working the room, keeping it interactive, and keeping the participants fully engaged in the topic. This crowd is notoriously hard to please, and Kelly made it look easy. I think they actually had fun… and so did I.

Leading MBA program leader

[Today’s workshop] was one of the most fascinating and useful events I’ve attended. I had never taken an MBTI assessment before. In life, you progressively come to know more about how you behave/think/operate. But in today’s session, looking through the structured lens of MBTI, those behaviors seemed easier to grasp. Moreover (and just as importantly), it seemed easier to understand the ways in which others behave. What we learned today will come in handy! [The session] was engaging – there was certainly a lot of participation and a lot of discussion after the session in the halls!

Kellogg MBA student

[The 3 day manager skills workshop] was such a positive experience. I want you to know it has already allowed me to be more effective in my position! I am using flip charting at my meetings with wonderful results. It helps me encourage participation and it is so easy to summarize the results for the group. I think of you when there is need for crucial conversations and I am more confident using some of the techniques you offered. I am also putting effort toward being concise…one of my personal challenges. I have created a mind map for both work and home. My husband said “wow” when he saw the home map and my 16-year old daughter knew exactly what a mind map was all about. I think it reflects how my mind thinks and will help me keep on track. At first, the concept looked chaotic to me when presented at the class, but because you asked us to try it, I discovered a tool that I otherwise would’ve ignored. The experience of the 3-day [workshop] was energizing. As a manger for 23 years I have been to many training events. I appreciated the very practical content of your program, the small group size and the expectation that we actively participate to get hands-on experience. Thank you for giving me fresh ideas to manage the challenges faced in my management position!

Manager in health care

Kelly is FANTASTIC! She facilitated a session for our team and was GREAT.

Director at consulting firm

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