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I am a learning and talent strategist helping organizations and teams to articulate the skills and behaviors needed to be successful, and then to determine the best way to build those skills or manage through the change.   Contact me to discuss your project.

Is your organization thinking about what skills need to be built or which behaviors need to change to achieve success or thrive in a changing environment? I can be your thought partner. We’d spend time assessing where you are currently and what is working, taking an appreciative approach initially. Then we will look at what you want to accomplish, what success will look like, and ask your stakeholders for input. Next, we’ll build the right customized solution for your organization. The answer might be training, coaching, facilitated group discussions, peer support of some sort, or some combination of these. Finally, we will assess the work and results and make needed adjustments.

I love the challenge of a new project and while each project is different, here are a couple examples of work I’ve done in this area:

Client: Global HR and risk management consulting firm
Engagement: Training needs assessment, gap analysis and program redesign
I worked with a recently merged global HR and risk management consulting firm with 60,000 employees to first catalog what training each legacy organization had been offering to a particular career band. Next, with stakeholders across the organization, I assessed the current needs, where those gaps could be filled by something that already existed, where tweaks or updates were needed to content, and where we had a gap that a new solution was needed. Finally, with an internal team, built a seven-module, year-long series for team leaders and managers including giving and receiving feedback, development planning, personal impact and credibility, and innovation.


Client: A biotech company
Engagement: Learning organization assessment and recommendations as they prepared for an organizational split
I helped a biotech organization that was preparing to split look at how their current learning organization was structured, what they are doing well, and where they and their internal stakeholders found gaps. As the split approached and many other decisions were made, I recommended areas to focus on, projects to put on the list, and thoughts on how to structure the new learning team.


Client: A niche consultancy
Engagement: Team effectiveness retreat
I worked with the CEO and his leadership team at a niche consultancy in Chicago to pause their rapid growth and step back to look at how the growing organization was communicating internally. Then I facilitated a day-long retreat for the team to discuss communication styles and team effectiveness.


Client: Global non-profit
Engagement: Content design for a mobile learning development application
I worked with a global non-profit, whose mission is to develop grassroots leaders around the globe to effectively bring about community-driven social change, to help them build the content for a 12-module mobile leadership development application.


Other ways to work with Kelly: Coaching | Facilitation

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[The 3 day manager skills workshop] was such a positive experience. I want you to know it has already allowed me to be more effective in my position! I am using flip charting at my meetings with wonderful results. It helps me encourage participation and it is so easy to summarize the results for the group. I think of you when there is need for crucial conversations and I am more confident using some of the techniques you offered. I am also putting effort toward being concise…one of my personal challenges. I have created a mind map for both work and home. My husband said “wow” when he saw the home map and my 16-year old daughter knew exactly what a mind map was all about. I think it reflects how my mind thinks and will help me keep on track. At first, the concept looked chaotic to me when presented at the class, but because you asked us to try it, I discovered a tool that I otherwise would’ve ignored. The experience of the 3-day [workshop] was energizing. As a manger for 23 years I have been to many training events. I appreciated the very practical content of your program, the small group size and the expectation that we actively participate to get hands-on experience. Thank you for giving me fresh ideas to manage the challenges faced in my management position!
Manager in health care

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